MAY2ndClubhouse Meeting: film night20h00
 8thCommittee Meeting19h30
 9thSeniors Meeting10h30
 9thClubhouse Meeting: repeat of morning presentation20h00
 11thEvening braai/Swartland rally briefing18h30
 12/13thSwartland rally09h00
 16thClubhouse Meeting: Talk  – A Previous Mode of Transportation20h00
 23rdClubhouse Meeting: Talk – Sandstone 2017 Event20h00
 27thNatter at Timour Hall – Car boot sale10h00
 28thHelderberg Members dinner18h30
 30thQuartlerly Business Meeting20h00
JUNE5thCommittee Meeting19h30
 6thClubhouse Meeting: film night20h00
 8thEvening braai18h30
 13thSeniors Meeting: Presentation on Hershey Car Show and US Air force Museum10h30
 13thClubhouse Meeting: Repeat of morning presentation20h00
 17thNewbies Car-nival 
 20thClubhouse Meeting: Talk – From a field of Dreams to Wind Power20h00
 24thNatter at Timour Hall10h00
 25thHelderberg Members dinner18h30


The following events are not run by the Crankhandle Club, but may be of interest to members

  • 10 – 15 June 2018           –  Milligan Rally (More info here)
  • 4 – 14 April 2019              –  Stars of Sandstone  (See the flyer here or take a look at the event website)


The Crankhandle Club organises several regularity rallies each year. We are always thrilled for novice teams to come along and try it out. The following links provide some valuable tips and information for those of you who are new to rallying:

Guideline to Regularity Rallying

Rally Tables

Rallying with white lines & white line tables

How to calculate the blanks on the route schedule – worked example


For more information on upcoming events contact Brian James on